Write the River

Get Creative  Join the Sound

Stirring Inspiration


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Song of your soul

Song of your heart



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Stories flowed from Jesus

Words have impact

Shape them


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Give a critique

Be a listening ear



The Vision
An explosion of Creative Ministry and SMSC Education

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  1. Very colourful webste . It’s a good idea. I once looked at the books on line that can earn money without publishing and wasting loads of money. Andrew Lloyd Webber suggested the same idea for musicals or plays. Show a synopsis and a few part scenes or a song . If you want to performing it at school , college or church the viewer pays a fee to get deeper and buys a full book , script or play. You could host and offer services at a price like editing , coaching or placing the item on your site for a fee.
    I don’t like the three panels with broken words. I’m using a phone to look and that might be the reason? Good start though.

  2. Brilliant website! So impressed! This is going to be big for the Kingdom of God and an inspiration and sounding board for creative people everywhere! This is a place to come to be heard, to be helped, to be inspired, to give and to get out there what God has given you!

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